A Day in the life of a Serial Blogger

23 Apr

Why do I feel I need to blog everyday?? I certainly don’t feel LIKE blogging everyday! The truth goes back to a conference at Saddleback, one I attended 14 months after I started blogging. In that conference, the leader stressed the need to blog often and not just put one up a week. Therefore, I try to write SOMETHING almost every day.

Today is one of those days when I don’t have a soapbox to get on, neither kid played ball last night (although Krissy did have a pitching lesson and I got hit in the face with a ball), nothing significant happened to the Tarheels, so I am kind of at a loss.

I COULD tell you about the bird that just flew into my den window. The irony of that story is that he is the dumbest bird in Florence, because he flies into it multiple times every day. He just did it again. We even put one of Drew’s old GI Joes up there to try and scare him off . . . Did not work. Several times he has attacked Joe.

I COULD write about the fact that I am the ONLY morning person in my family. The rest of them would sleep all day if given the opportunity. I have to be the bad guy every morning and the party-pooper every night when I run out of gas and they are all still bouncing off the walls. Usually nature balances that with two kids, but I got the short end of that stick.

I COULD tell another story from Bay St. Louis. But, instead, a riddle: If you see Zac Jones, ask him about the appropriate uses of a bench grinder. He will tell a much better story than I could (or SHOULD) about that one.

I SHOULD congratulate John Smoltz on his 3000 strikeout last night. Although he doesn’t read this blog, he deserves it today. Smoltzie is AWESOME.

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