25 Apr

Lies . . . Stories we make up, or enhance, because we are bored or do not know the REAL truth. Rumors hurt people. Rumors, at times, run amok in churches. And that is just not right.

We should be above all of this, but we are not. You would almost expect this kind of behavior in the world, because those of the world desire to bring the church down! But you shouldn’t have to deal with it in a church. And, yet, you do.

If you trace a rumor back to its seeds, most times you will find an unexplained story to which someone has “added” an ending because they do not have all of the answers. And, we like having all of the answers. Unfortunately, we also like to wag our tongues when we hear the newest, juiciest tales about others. I think people like to hear bad things about others because it makes them feel better about their problems. “Well, at least I don’t have it as bad as John Public . . .”

I am a firm believer in being careful about listening to them, NOT SPREADING THEM, and trying NEVER to start them. Rumors can ruin marriages, families, careers, neighborhoods, and churches.

And, those who LOOOOOVE starting them will answer to God one day.

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