What price are YOU willing to pay for your kids??

28 Apr

Were I told how difficult and painful it can be to be a parent, would I have done it?? YEP. I love my children, and the positives far outweigh the negatives. I heard a statistic the other day that a child born today will cost his/her parents $1.5 million to raise. Are they worth it??

In spite of all of the sickness, broken bones, times of rebellion, failure, and tears you will wipe because “friends” are not what they seemed to be, it is worth it. Because, with those times come laughter, joy, pride, achievement, and many times when YOU can make a difference in their life like no one else.

My children are not perfect . . . But they are mine. It is kind of funny how I see them making some of the same mistakes I made, and then I hear the same words coming out of my mouth that my mom and dad shared with me. You know, back when I thought they knew nothing. (That just reminds me that one day my children will have this same “AHA!” moments!!)

Are they worth it?? My answer is YES. What is yours???

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