The Power of Blog

19 May

I have missed blogging in the past few days . . . Went to the beach with my family and did not have internet access. Now, for the first time, I really didn’t miss it. But I DID miss the ability to blog.

I fell asleep on Saturday on the cool beach . . . There was a nice breeze . . . Temp was about 75 degrees . . . I had NO IDEA I was burning on one side of my body. The front of my legs look like a lobster and the backs look like a sheet of notebook paper. And my face has the summertime raccoon look (because I fell asleep with my sunglasses on). Ergo, 300 people reminded me yesterday to use sunblock and one told me I was wearing too much blush. Ah, the joys of being a pastor.

Back to the power of blog . . . I was talking to someone yesterday who needs a major stress release in her life, and I recommended she blog! Never done that before! She asked me “When would I find time???” So I told her what this blog does for me. In a lot of ways it helps me deal with life. Yes, there are times when I cannot write about what I really feel, but those times are few and far between. For the most part, the power of blog is one of the major pressure valves in my life.

SO . . . If you need a stress reliever . . . I fully recommend it!

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