Still Cookin’

21 May

What is it about cooking that draws me in?? This morning I got up at 6:15 and cooked breakfast for my family. Tomorrow, I will be at the church at 6:00am to fix the same for 40-50 youth. Maybe it is not the most manly thing to do in the world, but I really enjoy it. Why??

I know I am a task-driven person at the very heart of who I am. I think the sense of accomplishment is something I need to keep me sane. Sometimes in ministry, accomplishment is HARD to see. Because there is ALWAYS someone in the hospital, someone to visit at home, someone needing to come in and meet, a variety of things I cannot even anticipate that happen every week at the office, and always Bible studies and sermons for the week. Every week. And it had ALL better be good, or folks will let me know. And, on top of all of that, there is always someone mad about something. There are times in ministry when it feels like you are falling into a well and the bottom is just not there.

Hence, my therapy in the kitchen. And I do enjoy it, even if it is not the most macho thing to do in the world. Hmm . . . Maybe if I got some cooking-related tatoos?????

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