An observation about life . . .

23 Jun

I know I am getting older, because I’ve become less and less tolerant of some things. Specifically, when people act selfishly or expect the world to bow down to them, I resist. There is something inside me, and I KNOW it is pride, that makes it really hard for me to “play along” when I know I am being manipulated. As a pastor, unfortunately, THAT happens all of the time.

However, a simple observation from the past few days is this: IF you treat people badly, don’t be suprised when they do not like you! Don’t fuss or whine that people don’t like you when you treat them like dirt!! I know that sounds specific and pointed, but it is not . . . With all of us working close together in VBS these past few days and weeks, I have seen this play out time and time again in several scenarios.

Jesus said we should treat other people THE WAY we want to be treated. If we all obeyed that one, life would be a whole lot easier . . .

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