Goin to the Isle

18 Jul

This weekend, yet another great privilege that I do not deserve . . . I have the honor of doing a wedding for another one of my “kids.” Erica Bedenbaugh was going into the eighth grade when I came to EBC. She and Bethany kept me hopping, and I loved every minute of it! A few years ago I got to do Bethany’s wedding, and now the circle is complete . . .

Tomorrow we go to the Isle of Palms for the Saturday evening wedding at the Citadel Beach House. I love it, and see it as a great honor. One of the most rewarding parts of ministry is knowing my youth in adulthood, and seeing them move into life with their heads screwed-on the right way (not that I had anything to do with it).

But, I DID teach Erica how to check the oil in her car and showed her how to change a flat tire!!! Maybe I will incorporate a demonstration of that into the ceremony . . .

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