Bias in the air . . .

29 Jul

BIAS . . . Such a “bad word” in the P.C. world in which we live. But, it is there with a vengence, and not always where you’d expect it.

When referring to the south, it seems everyone thinks it would automatically refer to race relations. Everyone ELSE in America thinks all we do is burn crosses in each other’s yards and trade massive blows in a racial war that has waged for decades. Not true. Not even close. But, that is NOT what I am blogging about. Allow me to spit out my tobacco and clean the mud from between my toes before I tell a truth that is apparent around the world . . .

One of the most biased groups in America is found in the MEDIA. You must look no further than the presidential race, once again, to see it. But it doesn’t stop there . . . There is an underlying wave that grows stronger every year against CHRISTIANS. I read news on all sorts of websites (reputable ones, like CNN, FOX, local news) and it is not hard to see. Makes me wonder what kind of America we will live in twenty years from now . . . Will it be a crime to serve Christ?? Will it be a crime to speak the TRUTH of God’s word??

I have friends in the media (at least, I did BEFORE I wrote this). And I know that not all media outlets conduct themselves this way. But more and more of them are. So, what can WE do about this??

Stop, look, and listen. KNOW WHO YOU ARE LISTENING TO and listen to what they are saying. Find a media outlet that presents BOTH sides of an issue and does not chose to take cheap shots at our elected officials OR favor one candidate over another. There are still some out there that really are fair. FIND THEM and be guarded in your listening!!!

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