Love really is the theme

31 Jul

You know, no matter where you study in the New Testament, LOVE is the theme. In all that we are and all that we do, Jesus continually says LOVE. LOVE is the key. Love our brothers and sisters. Love our neighbors. Love our enemies. And, above all, LOVE GOD will all that we are. Jesus said the law and prophets hang on love . . .

When we start judging others, when we start invoking what we think to be right just because, when we start thinking that our plans are superior to God’s, remember LOVE. This is not just empty rhetoric. THIS IS TRUE. I know.

Many years ago, someone told me just how useless he thought I was and how fruitless my ministry was . . . What could I do? EVERYTHING in me wanted to hate . . . It made NO SENSE to love. And, yet, LOVE was really all I could do.

I reached this place where I had to ask, “Do I REALLY believe God’s word? How could it make sense to love someone who hates me?”

Hate consumes and imprisons. Love brings FREEDOM. I just kept on loving and it was HARD. And, we never really resolved those words of his. But I was/am NOT consumed. I know I did the right thing. I will stand before God one day, and I know at least THIS ONE shouldn’t get me into too much trouble.

LOVE. Its not just for breakfast anymore.

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