Expectations of Perfection

22 Aug

If you’ve been watching the Olympics, perhaps you saw the highlights of the US men AND women both dropping the baton in one of the relay races. Neither team, therefore, even qualified to run for a medal. And EVERYONE is turning up the heat over this unforgivable faux pas.

WHY?? WE EXPECT PERFECTION. Yep, in EVERY competition, we expect our athletes to excel and win gold. Nothing less will do. So, in the same vein, we are disappointed in our softball team for losing the gold (and the first game since Sept, 2000).

Don’t get me wrong . . . There is NOTHING WRONG with stiving for perfection. I believe the problems ensue when we slowly convince ourselves that we should be perfect, and nothing less will do. Because we are not. Being around athletics all of my life have taught me two things: GOD ALONE is perfect, and I am NOT HIM. Neither is Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, Tiger Woods, Brett Favre, and the list goes on . . .

Am I happy about the dropped batons?? No. But, just proof again that they are human. Will those athletes remember and regret that for the rest of their lives?? Probably. But they are not perfect.

And, last time I checked, neither are YOU.

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