A Woman of Great Value

25 Aug

(With my sincerest apologies if I borrow from King Lemuel a little)

A woman of great value . . . Who can find her?

She works to make sure her family has everything they need to survive.
She remembers what it was like to be a teenager, and she sacrifices greatly so her children can have.
She is always looking for the best deals, always manages to feed and clothe her family well, and always knows the schedule of everything and how her family will deal with it.
She honors her family by loving her mother and helping all she can; she remembers her father with such love . . . I hope my children remember me so fondly someday.
She is tough on the outside, but it is only a protective exterior . . . Inside she is tender, warm, and loving.
She protects her children with the ferocity of a mama bear, she guides them with the wisdom of an owl, and she teaches them to survive with the cunning of a fox.

Yes, charm is deceptive and outer beauty a mere mirage. But a woman of character, SHE is to be praised.

Who can find a woman of great value?? I have no idea what to tell you fellas, because I married the only one I found!!!!

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