Fighting at the pump

12 Sep

I have NEVER in my lifetime seen things like I saw last night. I made a huge mistake yesterday when I rode by the WalMart gas station, saw gas for 3.41, and DID NOT STOP. And, I thought about it, but did not have time.

What I didn’t know was that just a few hours later, there would be a massive jump in price AND a mass panic in Florence. Hurricane Ike is bearing down on the Gulf and there is talk of a large refinery in Houston being hit . . . ergo, Florence is PANICKED. And there were fights at the pump.

After Krissy’s softball game, we rode over to WalMart again, hoping things had calmed down. They had not. In fact, cars were lined up all the way back to the store! And the cops were there! That one I wondered about, but did not stop to find out why. We continued to drive. EVERY GAS STATION WE SAW was OVERWHELMED with people. I was beginning to wonder IF I would get gas.

We were able to get in line at a station on Second Loop. Gas was still reasonably priced at that one. I pulled in behind a car, only to notice a young girl, trying to pull in the wrong way, kind of lined up behind the guy pumping in front of me. And she started yelling at me, although I never heard her and she never got out of her car. I noticed that I could pull into another line, so I did. Marvin Slaughter was pumping in a line beside me. He told me he hadn’t seen anything like this since 1973. As we talked, a Jeep pulled in to the first spot I was in. The girl started yelling, and then the GUY pumping gas started yelling at the guy in the Jeep and the guy in the Jeep was yelling back. I wondered how all of that would end up.

I did get my gas, but what I noticed was a great tension in the people. People were scared. I don’t know for a fact, but I bet the police were at WalMart to PREVENT this OR to STOP one that had already erupted.

Either way, it was nuts.

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