I REALLY don’t understand . . . Or DO I?

16 Sep

Living in New Orleans for three years taught me a little about oil companies and their politics. For example, when we were in the Big Easy both Chevron and Shell had corporate offices and many industry workers living in the city. Therefore, gas prices were always HIGHER and oil industry folks always told me it was to imply the industry was not doing well to its employees (but they ALL knew better).

I know that gas prices are set on speculation, not what they paid for the gas in the tanks at the station but what it will cost to REPLACE that gas. I don’t like it, but I understand that theory. Okay, so explain THIS: According to one of the business reporters on Fox News, the average price of a gallon of gas has decreased since July by ~25 cents. Okay, we should be thankful. HOWEVER, the average WHOLESALE price of a gallon has decreased by ~95 cents. So that theory about what it cost to replace the gas is BULL.

Who is making the money from this?? Gas distributors, according to this reporter. I am trying not to become one of these conspiracy theorists, but WE ARE GETTING RIPPED OFF!! They also commented that Ike did not do much damage at all, so things should return to normal soon. WILL PRICES RETURN to where they were??

Who do I need to get Mark Jones to call about this????

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