Super Bowl Week

30 Sep

So now I know . . . I know what it feels like to be a quarterback on SuperBowl week. MAN THE PRESSURE!! And, EVERY crazy thing that could happen HAPPENED yesterday. And, yet, this morning God is STILL on His throne. WOW, He is awesome!!

I have planned a Tuesday morning walkthrough for the team, followed by a press conference. And, YES, we will allow the press to come in to the walkthrough, because our game plan is solid and we are NOT AFRAID if the other team sees it.

You see, I believe God is even cooler than Bear Bryant. One of the things about the Bear that you had to love is that he would almost TELL you which hole ‘Bama was running the ball through and DARE you to stop him!! And, most times, they would do it AND RUN OVER YOU.

Satan can’t stop God. Plain and simple. He can cause us to stumble (IF we take our eyes off Jesus), but he CANNOT STOP OUR FATHER. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I might act like Ric Flair at the press conference!

(PS – If you did NOT understand most of this blog, find someone you trust that is familiar with football AND wrestling. And, I am joking about the press conference . . . OR AM I???)

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