A Good Friday???

3 Oct

HAHAHAHA . . . I’m over here on the swing!!! (See yesterday’s post). ANYWHO, Here we are on the Friday before what is probably the biggest Sunday in Ebenezer’s modern history. This really is a big day, and the week has been no short of the SuperBowl week I blogged about earlier. This has been a week of high pressure, and almost every oddball thing that could have happened has happened. And now, the weeked comes . . .

I hope all of you have a relaxing, restful weekend. I hope all of your football teams win. I hope God removes EVERY EXCUSE and REASON we could possibly have NOT to come to church and NOT to worship Him in this time, and we all actually come and see what He is doing!!

And my prayer is that we will see HIM in all of this!!!

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