Fall Festival 2008

29 Oct

Every year, Ebenezer has had a fall festival since Abraham Lincoln attended here . . . (Okay, not really, but you get the exaggeration). And almost every year it grows. This year is no exception. Hundreds of people have worked to help this thing happen, and tonights the night.

Ebenezerites, we have a couple of things to do: PRAY for those who are coming. God already knows the families that will be touched by a free fall festival tonight. Last time we did this on a night other than Oct 31, we had almost 800 people IN THE COUNT. No telling how many did not register!! We need to PRAY.

We also need to SHOW UP!! Lots of jobs to do, lots of help needed. WILL YOU HELP! If you show up early, park your car as far away from the FLC as you can (IF YOU ARE ABLE TO DO THAT)! Lets save the good places for our guests!

Hope to see you tonight!

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