Finding a way

7 Nov

One of the remarkable things about the EBC staff is that somehow we find a way. Working at a church is one of the most demanding and depressing jobs in the world: No matter how much you do, there is ALWAYS MORE to be done. That can be a good thing, and it can also give you that feeling of your wheels spinning in mud.

Statistically, and in every way you slice that stats, we are understaffed. We have a skeleton crew and yet are able to pull unreal things off. CONSTANTLY. The flip side of that coin is there are vocal people at EBC that do not believe we do ANYTHING. Yes, there are a few that would empty the entire staff roster and start over. In a church with 1200 members, that will ALWAYS be a fact of life. We plod through all of that . . .

And we find a way. In spite of the criticisms and limitations placed on us, we find a way. I am not bragging on ME, but I AM BRAGGING on our staff. They are the best, and most of them are a bad month away from Bull Street. Pray for them and be thankful for them. I do, and I am.

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