Where will it all end??

3 Dec

It seems our economic woes continue . . . Experts say we can look for a rocky ride into mid-first quarter of 2009. CAN WE TAKE IT?? People are really starting to sweat this one. Jobs are lost. Retirement is lost. All is NOT well.

Where will it all end?? In an article I read from George Barna, he did not have an answer, but he expects the local church to be the next to suffer. Barna claims a coming trend is that church giving will be the next cut in many minds. Some have already made that cut. Ebenezer has been fortunate to this point . . . We are AHEAD of our budget in giving, and that is a rare thing right now.

My prayer is that we will continue to be faithful, because now more than ever people need Christ. Our community NEEDS ministry. There are many people hurting, both inside and outside of our church. They need us. We need to keep our eyes focused on Christ. He will lead us through.

Where will it all end?? I don’t know, but I serve the One that DOES. And, last time I checked, He is STILL in control.

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