6 Jan

The question came up in Deacon’s meeting this past Sunday: Could we have a revival?? And I ask, COULD WE???

The first establishment in this blog is the use of the word REVIVAL: We traditionally use it to mean a series of meetings with a guest speaker to fire things up in a local church. But THAT IS NOT REVIVAL. We DO need to plan a revival meeting, but that is something the church traditionally does FOR THE LOST IN THEIR COMMUNITY. And, for it to work, revival must ALREADY be alive and burning in the church!!

So, how do we “get revived??” Church, we need to pray EVERYDAY for it. If Ebenezer were to have a revival, starting in the HEARTS OF THE MEMBERS, drawing each of us CLOSER to God, He would do things far beyond explanation and we would be AMAZED. Revival is NOT a series of meetings . . . Revival is a state of OUR HEARTS, returning to God and walking with Him. And when I look at over 500 people worship on Sunday mornings, and around TWENTY-FIVE on Sunday nights, I KNOW we are a church in need of revival.

And, it MUST START from the top. I am praying for it!! How about the leaders?? Will YOU pray for it?? How about the deacons? Will YOU pray for it? Will you be bold enough to ask God for revival IN YOUR HEART?

If we do this, God WILL ignite the fires in our hearts. And having a revival meeting will be a natural, NOT because of the nostalgia of wanting a revival meeting, but because WE HAVE TO TELL THE WORLD THAT JESUS CHRIST LOVES THEM!!!

But, we will HAVE TO BE WILLING TO WORK FOR IT!!! My question for all is: ARE YOU WILLING???

MAN . . . We need REVIVAL.

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