What is the deal with Hollywood?

12 Jan

Just when you thought it was safe to LIKE an actor, they have to open their big mouths and prove themselves idiots. The lastest in this long moron parade is Anne Hathaway, an ardent supporter of Barack Obama, but not a fan of Rick Warren.

Apparently, she and her father will be attend the inauguration and they will protest Rick Warren’s presence. An AP interview reveals that her brother is gay, and therefore she is opposed to Warren’s presence. (Consequently, Warren clearly stated that he does not hate homosexuals, but is opposed to SIN)

Brings me to an interesting observation: Christians are accused of being closed-minded bigots, but HOLLYWOOD actually treats US that way!! If a Christian refused or protested the presence of ANYONE at that inauguration, we would be barbequed in the public eye. But every idiot in Hollywood can disrespect ANY Christian and it is perfectly acceptable.

In other words, we are one of the few groups in America that does NOT have the right to freedom of religion and speech. Hmmm . . . Not what our forefathers envisioned.

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