Does Racism still exist in America??

19 Jan

This week is already bringing much reflection on this topic . . . Does racism still exist?? Sadly, I say YES. I think most would agree that any racism is bad and breaks down our nation, and breaks down the Kingdom of God. And I believe it still raises its ugly head, but maybe not in the areas you might think.

My family and I lived in New Orleans from May, 1992, through May, 1995. Unlike many whites in the South, I experienced racism first hand. New Orleans Seminary is in New Orleans East, the Gentilly neighborhood to be specific. When I talk about New Orleans with a native New Orleanian and people asked where I lived, there is a great shock on their face when I say “Gentilly.” My experience in Gentilly took me into places where I was hated . . . Not because of who I was, but because of my skin color. I have been to stores like KMart, McDonalds, and other nationally known chains where no one wanted to help me, take my order, or take my money. I figured it out really quick: If they treated me that way at the cash register, they probably were adding “special sauce” to my food. I quickly learned NOT TO GO to those places. I was not welcomed. (Consequently, as I went back post-Katrina and took work crews from the church, I WAS welcomed.)

SO WHAT?? Many Americans have experienced this for many years. Some African-Americans have told me “SO WHAT? Their ancestors experienced far worse for years.” Well, two wrongs definitely don’t make something right. Remember? All racism is bad, right??

And don’t even get me started about the discrimination faced by CHRISTIANS today. That is another blog post with the same result: Discrimination DOES exist, and the only way to stop it is for EVERYONE to get on board.

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