This IS still America . . . RIGHT???

21 Jan

I had an interesting encounter on Facebook last night, and one that I hope is NOT a foreshadowing of days to come . . . One of my friends commented on the fact that Kid Rock singing and a group ballroom dancing didn’t quite seem to match. I agreed with him, coining one of Obama’s catchwords: CHANGE.

I seemed to start a cyberwar with that statement. I was accused, by another “Christian” of supporting torture tactics like the previous administration. I could’ve picked BOTH administrations apart over things I did not agree with, but that was not the point. Another guy got on there and actually did that, but that wasn’t what it was all about for me: The image of Kid Rock singing to ballroom dancing IS FUNNY!! And, does not really fit!! SO WHAT??

So this morning I am wondering: After all of the ways people have pounded George Bush and said the ugliest and untrue things about him, will we all now be pounded if we disagree with the current administration?? Make no mistake: President Obama is OUR PRESIDENT, and I believe we have a responsibility to pray for him and support him in every way we can. But, if we disagree with him, will we be dismantled in public??

All I did was laugh about Kid Rock . . . And I was.

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