25 things about ME!!!

30 Jan

A current trend on Facebook is to tag a bunch of your friends and write a 25 things about you list. Since I KNOW somebody will get mad if I don’t tag them in mine, I decided to write it on here and send out a note on facebook, virtually tagging EVERYONE who is my friend.

So, here goes:

1. My first dream was to play basketball in the NBA. That didn’t work out too well.
2. I also aspired to move to LA and become a comedy writer with one of my best friends in high school. I DID become a writer, but for God instead of His adversary.
3. My first car was a 1977 Lime-green VW bug that had no heat, no a/c, and I would take it back IN A HEARTBEAT.
4. The best day of my life was the day I realized I need Jesus Christ.
5. The #2 day was the day I married Diana.
6. #3 is a tie: Nov 14, 1990 and May 5, 1995. Figure that one out!
7. Throughout the years, I have also LOVED coaching basketball. This is the first year in many, many years that I am NOT coaching a team.
8. One of the great things about Facebook is that it has allowed me to reconnect to some of my high school friends. I left Greenville in 1992 and have lost contact with so many of my friends.
9. Many of my friends from high school cannot believe that I am a pastor.
10. I am a UNC Tarheel fan because of a former Tarheel player named Dave Colescott. He taught me the right way to shoot a basketball at Furman Basketball Camp when I was in junior high school.
11. In high school, I got pretty good at shooting freethrows. It still blows the minds of some at Ebenezer when I can walk up to the freethrow line and go 9 for 10 in street clothes.
12. I attended THREE different colleges in SC and one in Louisiana (where ironically I earned two degrees).
13. The path God chose to lead me on to become the pastor of Ebenezer is a long and interesting one, and I never thought He could use someone like me in this role. I will always be thankful that God can use someone like me to do anything!
14. Working with my dad when I was a kid, a teenager, and in college taught me how to do HVAC work, light carpentry, plumbing, electrical, automotive, and many other oddball things that I cannot even remember to list right now.
15. I was once told that I’ve led a “fruitless ministry.” Not only to I have Facebook friends from all of the churches I have served, but each of those ministries has also put countless people into the ministry. God chuckles when people say things like that . . .
16. As a pastor, the hardest things to deal with are deaths (when it is a close friend) and marriages that reach the hopeless stage before they seek any help.
17. My undergraduate training is in computer programming. God has allowed me to use that skill throughout these years to take things to a higher level!!
18. I AM still a computer geek at heart.
19. I have two sisters that I don’t see nearly enough . . . One in Memphis and one in Tampa (I wanted to crash at her house and go to the SuperBowl, but she won’t tell me where she lives!)
20. The church that I serve, Ebenezer Baptist in Florence, SC, was founded in 1778. Its first pastor was wanted by the British during the Revolutionary War, but not captured!
21. My best friends are my family and some of the folks at my church that I work closely with.
22. I am still pretty good at video games, now attempting to master the Wii (current favorite game – Mario cart)
23. I sit on a bucket many times a week and catch for Krissy, who is a fastpitch softball pitcher and is throwing in the 60s.
24. I go to the YMCA in Florence and work out 4 – 5 times a week, as I have done since 2001.
25. I have lived in our current house longer than anywhere else since Diana and I have been married!

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