4 Feb

Diana and I left for the Y at 5:30am this morning. She looked on the steps and said “It snowed!” We both looked up and realized, No, it is SNOWING!”

We went, worked out, and about 45 minutes later come back out to a blizzard. ALL of the cars in the parking lot (including ours) were COVERED with snow. Driving home, we realized it was sticking to the road (much more than it did a couple of weeks ago when school was canceled).

And, now, my children angrily get ready to go to school. And I am puzzled, too. I know the buses have already gone out, and that will be the given reason. But the roads and bridges actually ARE a little slick right now (and, YES, I have been out in it). Much more than a couple of weeks ago.

In other words, this is MUCH MORE of a snow day than a couple of weeks ago because of THE ROADS. DO THE RIGHT THING, FOLKS!!!

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