Time to move on

6 Feb

By my calendar, it is February 6, 2009. We are well into the new presidency. We do have problems . . . Some are because of decisions of the past . . . Some because of what we are doing right now. We need to MOVE ON.

Whether you like him or not, George W. Bush was elected president of the US TWICE. He served both terms. Did he make some bad decisions? Yes. By the way, did YOU make any bad decisions in the last eight years? Did he make some good decisions? Yes. And life goes on.

In the wake of our historic inauguration, we find Bush being blamed for EVERYTHING WRONG in the world today. I even told my kids that the FSD1 goof-up this week on their weather policies was somehow Bush’s fault, since everything else in the world is his fault (that was SARCASM). Time to move on.

President Obama is now our leader. We Christians need to pray for him EVERY DAY. Our economy is still in the tank. We are still fighting two wars. People are losing jobs everyday. We focus onward and upward and MOVE ON.

Worry will get us nowhere. Blame . . . Blame Bush if you want. Heck, blame Richard Nixon if it makes you feel better. But it is time to MOVE ON, AMERICA!!

And, for the record, I don’t think it is George Bush’s fault about the snowday/late day fiasco this week. I blame the Tooth Fairy.

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