What a week!

14 Feb

When I blog, I really do try to share what is in my mind and my heart. However, a pastor is not always permitted to do that . . . People read things into what is written. People discover that I am human, and somehow it disappoints them. I struggle with life just like anyone else. And right now my tank is nearing empty.

This week I saw great victories in some lifes and situations, and saw the depths of defeat in others. I am honestly disappointed. Part of my job is to help people see the big picture of the kingdom of God, and sometimes I do not succeed. And, sometimes, my sheep just don’t want to see it.

One of my struggles as a pastor is that I don’t understand how some can just choose to NOT SEE and continue life their way. But they do. And I am left here, puzzled and feeling the stress pressing in from all sides (because when things don’t go well, the buck stops HERE).

Next week, doctors are driving a scope down my throat to make sure I don’t have an ulcer. FUN!!

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