Where did all of the trees go???

20 Mar

A question often asked of me, as pastor at Ebenezer. A few weeks ago the SC Dept. of Transportation came through (in the name of progress) and cut down several 100+ year old trees. And FLORENCE IS MAD!!

Several folks asked me “Why did you guys do that??” My answer is always the same: “We didn’t do it, and we are not happy about it.” Two of the trees were live oak trees and were almost icons of Ebenezer. Many, many people told me about when they were children playing near them. (I am also amazed at the number of people I’ve met over the years that were once members at EBC)

As Ed Self and I often discuss, all of the woods in Florence County are slowly disappearing. No wonder three does were in the grassy area in front of the church at 7am a couple of weeks ago.

I just hope my children are never in the position of hearing one of their kids say, “What are trees?”

I have never considered myself to be a tree-hugger, but WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

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