Maundy Thursday 2009

10 Apr

Our Maundy Thursday worship is a tradition at Ebenezer that dates back for many years . . . I’ve been here for 14 and it dates WAYY before me. It is a service of shadows, a time to remind us of those last hours Jesus had with His disciples and leads us up to the crucifixion and death of Jesus. It is a solemn and reverent event. This year was particularly good, and I attribute much of that to the hard work of Ed Self.

And there is something that amazes me. Every year we have a Lord’s Supper that is unusual for us, and probably for most Southern Baptist churches. Our Lord’s Supper is a time when people come up to the communion table, as families, and receive the elements. We do have our little cups of grape juice, but in this service we use two round loaves of bread. I break the bread and everyone comes up and pinches a little piece off. It is something different for us, and very meaningful. It is a great time to be together and where it is a moment of silence, it is also a moment of community and closeness.

I am amazed and thrilled at how a silent worship time can feel so close. And I know the answer to it all is FAMILY. And I am thankful for my Ebenezer family.

PS – The BEST way to take the bread in that is to pinch a little from the INSIDE of the loaf. It is much easier than trying to tear some off of the crust, and I think it tastes better, too!!!!

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