The END of Christian America??

14 Apr

As I was slaving on the elliptical machine at the Y this morning, I noticed a discussion that drew my earphones away from SportsCenter (GASP!) and to CNN. Anderson Cooper had two “Christian” ministers on and was discussing the impending DEATH of Christianity in America!

Gee, thanks Anderson, for the heads up!!

Specifically, they were slamming Rick Warren for PREACHING THE BIBLE!!! And, according to CNN, Christianity is on its way out because of its stance on homosexuality.

I don’t know who either minister was . . . The conservative one did a great job, and honestly his views were pretty solid and biblical. The other claimed the Bible says nothing about homosexuality, and that narrowed-minded people like Warren and James Dobson have spewed this hatred for decades. And this man’s on-screen tag was “Christian Minister.”

I am sorry. First of all, I believe America is a nation of people, many of whom CLAIM to be Christian. But when you get right down to it, narrow is the path that leads to salvation and wide is the path that leads to destruction (at least, that is what the Son of God said). I think the majority moved away from Christianity many, many years ago. And that DOES NOT CAUSE ME TO FEAR OR STRAY. I will stay on the narrow path, thanks.

Secondly, I will NOT stray from what God’s word says because it is not mine to CHANGE!! Someone last week stood in my office and told me that all of her life, she had attended different churches and never had she heard God’s word in a way she could understand until now. At Ebenezer. I told her that is simply because we teach and preach God’s word, and try not to add to it!! His word IS easy to understand and apply if you give it a chance.

Third, you might not be able to call America a Christian nation, but we who call Christ Savior have a job to do. We are NOT DEAD, nor is the church DYING IF WE DO OUR JOBS. TELL OTHERS ABOUT HIM!!!

I’ve heard and seen so much on national media outlets lately about the death of Christianity in America, and that leads me to believe that there ARE influences in those outlets that would like to see Christianity die. So, what do YOU think church?? Shall we oblige them?? OR SHALL WE DO WHAT WE WERE PUT HERE TO DO??

As for me and my house . . . well, you know how that one ends.

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