Gotta joke for you …

7 May

How do you keep 1300 Baptists happy??

Okay, it’s not really a joke, I NEED TO KNOW!

In four weeks my family and I will have been in Florence for 14 years. FOURTEEN YEARS!! And, believe me, I still haven’t figured it out.

I think it helps that I am a middle child and have that peacemaker instinct. And that causes blood pressure problems, because if there is one thing I’ve realized is THERE IS NO WAY TO KEEP 1300 PEOPLE HAPPY AT THE SAME TIME!! There will ALWAYS be disagreements, there will ALWAYS be differences of opinion, and, sadly, there will ALWAYS be those who think they must pat me on the back and then hurl knives at me as I face the other direction.

Any minister will tell you: People often blame or hold their ministers accountable for things they cannot blame on anyone else. It doesn’t matter if the minister is actually RESPONSIBLE for their issue, they just must find someone to blame. And a minister is a convenient target, because they are not supposed to fight back!! Why do people feel they must blame someone for everything that goes wrong?? Because there is an increasing number of people on the earth today that WILL NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for their own shortcomings. If something goes wrong, it MUST be someone else’s fault.

So, as you now see, this is no joke at all. Nothing to laugh at. It is kind of sad. So, the next time you hear someone say “It’s the preacher’s fault,” ask God how He would like you to respond to that person. Then, let ’em have it!!!!! 🙂

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