13 May

Every year, WF Softball sponsors a class softball game in which the freshmen play the sophs and the juniors play the seniors. The winners then play in a championship. Simple enough. Diana asked me a long time ago to help with the concession stand, to which I naturally agreed. When we showed up yesterday, Denise drafted me to do something I haven’t done in years . . . Help umpire!

Okay, I guess I can do that. (Secretly, I would MUCH RATHER be on the field than in the concession) The first game found very few calls to make. A foul ball or two. Nothing really close. But the SECOND game . . . . Oh boy. And Bridgette and I switched, so I had to call FIRST in that game. WOW . . .

I know I was out of position a lot, but I quickly remembered something about umping/reffing: No matter WHAT call you make, 50% of the people WILL NOT LIKE IT. Period.

I still had fun with it . . . And, even though I know I missed a call or two, we all tried hard. And there were no fights at the end of the games, so we must have done something right.

AND I got to threaten to toss most of the Ebenezer kids, so that was fun …

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