How will people remember you?

19 May

Before I start today’s blog, let me state that the picture below does not do the 8 x 10 I gave to Tory and Jessica justice!!! And my favorite part is the fact that the finger follows you no matter where you look from. (pictures on sale now at the Ebenezer gift shop)

How will people remember you? A question, as we approach Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day began as a Confederate War Memorial and has grown to include those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the US in all wars. So, this weekend is all about remembering them. Honoring them.

One day when you are long gone, how will you be remembered?? Have you ever thought about it? My high school friends will remember all of the fun and joking around we did . . . We were in a competition to make each other laugh. My college friends … Well, probably remember some of the dumbest things I did in my life and with my life. But it all turned out okay. My friends from my previous career hopefully remember me as someone who would help them. I would like to think I was the sane voice of reason in our company, but that is another story. My seminary friends probably remember me as the guy who would show up and fix their computers.

How will Ebenezer remember me?? I know EXACTLY how!! They will remember me for the LIFE I LIVE RIGHT NOW!!! I am building their memories in how I live!!!

So . . . How will people remember you?

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