When Personal Pride gets in the way

9 Jun

It is quite an obstacle . . . Like that pothole that we NEVER see, and yet it was large enough to DROP the transmission of my car off onto the road. Pride. From our perspective, it is the hardest thing to see. From the perspective of others, it is all too easy to see, smell, and feel.

What does your pride motivate YOU to do? Does it drive you? Own you?? Cuddle up with you in the still of the night and tell you that YOU are the bomb??? If you are listening to it, you are probably headed down a painful road. Painful for those in your life and painful for you.

I could write for days on this one, but here is the real question each of us has to answer TODAY and EVERY DAY: WHAT is my pride PREVENTING ME from doing for the Kingdom of God? IS MY PRIDE AN OBSTACLE FOR THE KINGDOM??

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