Let He/She who is without sin …

24 Jun

Yes, we are stunned today in the great state of South Carolina. It was odd enough that our governor disappeared, and no one knew where he was (or would ADMIT where he was). This became a scandal that drew national attention. Then, the REAL scandal broke: Governor Mark Sanford admitted to an affair. He apologizes to his wife, his children, his pastor, his state. He resigns as the chair of the Republican Governors group. So now what??

Now, he will be judged. Ever so harshly. What he has done is horrible, that I will grant you. But I see it from a different perspective … I’ve sat with families as this type of temptation, this tremendous mistake, TEARS THEM APART. Shredding them as a cat of nine tails, one lash as a time. Words cannot describe the pain.

So I wonder: What will WE say about him?? Will we dismiss him? Will we hate him for what he has done to his family? Will we call for him to resign on moral grounds? Will we throw stones at him because he is of a different political persuasion than we?

What will we do?

I do not condone his sin. I hate it, because I know what it will do to his family. What it does to the Body of Christ. But I also know that he is human. He is not suddenly a THROW-AWAY person, regardless of what you think about his job as governor. Or regardless of how much you hate this sin.


And leave the judgment to GOD.

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