Five Things I Learned (or confirmed) at Clemson Orientation

3 Jul

1. Clemson IS THE RIGHT SCHOOL for Krissy. I’ve been struggling with this, and God has been working it out. Sometimes RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES. He has surrounded this environment with people who already know Krissy and care about her, and will help her make it. All I can do is bow my knee to Him once again!!!

2. Clemson is the RIGHT PRE-MED program for Krissy. Clemson has only had a pre-medical professional degree for a few years now and just brought a professor in from U of Miami to firm things up two years ago. His goal is to build the premier pre-med program in the state. MUSC is already thanking him for what he has done, stating that Clemson grads are their best and most well-prepared students right now, hands down.

3. Krissy is the RIGHT PRE-MED student for Clemson. We found out yesterday that she is one of 40 people accepted into the program this fall out of 700 (yep, seven HUNDRED) applicants. Wow.

4. Clemson wants to see her succeed as much if not MORE than Diana and I do.

5. Whenever I am in Clemson and need a good restaurant recommendation, JOEL FOWLER will NEVER let me down. He has already done this several times. We were walking downtown and it was time to eat, I called Joel, he told me EXACTLY where to go and how awesome it would be. EVERY TIME he does this, IT IS AWESOME. As Diana said, “when it comes to food, Joel DOES NOT FOOL AROUND.”

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