Taking it too seriously

14 Jul

Last night I attended a church co-ed softball game. Went to watch Krissy play. After playing men’s softball for 12 seasons, I’ve not played the last two. Last night I remembered why.

There were some out there to have fun, trying hard, but not getting too caught up in the moment. And then there were a few that took this thing WAYYYY too seriously. Complaining about EVERY mistake everyone else made. Getting way too caught up in all of it. Jamie Foster told one guy “Don’t take this too seriously. This is church league softball.” The answer confirmed my illustration from Sunday of how we’ve all been trained in the art of war.

“I’m not out here to have fun. I’m out here to win.” Those words, recited by a young man in the dugout. And there were older adults, leaders, who echoed that thought.

People, this is CHURCH LEAGUE SOFTBALL. Not a one of you is being paid. Not a one of you is a professional softball player. Re-evaluate yourself. I told one at the end of the game that you can’t take this too seriously, and if you do, you will hate it very soon. I’ve seen that one played out over and over again.

That is why I stopped playing. That, plus the fact that I was a pitcher and I got tired of people firing rockets up the middle and the umpires telling me to get over it.

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