Wholesale Tackle Outlet

19 Aug

The Wholesale Tackle Outlet in Florence is a MUST for any fisherman. It’s no Bass Pro Shop, but it does have great deals on rods, reels, tackle, and other fishin stuff. But the reason I blog about it today it what happened yesterday.

Last week I was able to use my Father’s Day gift for the first time … A Zebco 733 reel. I love that reel. I fished with it for four days, and then the college freshman got hold of it. Next thing I know, the reel was jammed open and seemed to be worthy of nothing but the trash can. Another reel I bought Drew on the last day of school was broken.

I went there hoping he could help me or tell me how to get send them off for repair. The salt water reel was just busted, but he did have a replacement spool that fit it. He gave that to me. He then showed me the 30 yards of fishing line caught under the spool cover on the 733 and showed me how to clear it next time. No charge.

In the days of looking for the best deals, I shop at the WTO because HE DOES have the best deals. But when he adds that kind of service to it, you gotta go back. And I will.

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