Gettin old

31 Aug

Yes, I am feeling it. Gettin old. Pulled something in my back while at the beach with my family, carrying a basket up the stairs for my mom. (I don’t see how on earth she got it into her car). Moved my firstborn to college, three hours away. Turned 43. Many issues involved with all of that.

Krissy seems to be doing fine, but she does have her moments. And we lose a little sleep. Drew is having a good year, so far, at West Florence. The rollercoaster of the new school year has started at Ebenezer. Again, so far, so good.

The school years come faster and faster every year. I walk through the halls at the Ebenezer Kindergarten/Daycare and the kids seem to get smaller and smaller, younger and younger. And I just get older.

BUT … Gettin old is much better than the alternative!!! 🙂

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