A Weekend Recap

7 Sep

This weekend actually got off to a rocky start. I have learned there are some people, who I consider to be good friends, that become absolutely unreasonable during football season. And, although I’ve never been one to get ugly about the Clemson/USC rivalry, I’ve lost respect for several diehard Gamecocks who’ve said some ugly things to me about Krissy going to Clemson. MY DAUGHTER CHOSE THE SCHOOL THAT WAS RIGHT FOR HER and I think she made the right choice. END OF STORY. DEAL WITH IT, PEOPLE, and stop being so obnoxious. (Sometimes I am very surprised by the things people will say and do to their pastor. And if they only knew what these last few weeks had been like, they wouldn’t dare.)

With that said, we left for Clemson as soon as Drew got out of school. Diana, Drew, Lauren Kirven, and I drove straight to campus and picked Krissy up. It was so good to see her standing there waiting for us!! She is doing well and loves it! She broke a nail pitching the other day, so we tried to go to the nail place to get it fixed. The little lady in the nail place didn’t want to fix it, but wanted to re-do them all, so it was a no-go … We ventured back into Clemson to go to the First Friday parade.

Honestly, the parade was nothing to write about. Not bad, but not that good, either. Jesse White met us there and we then got to meet his aunt (Mel’s sister) and her family. It wasn’t hard to see that she was Mel’s sister, either!! Several of Krissy’s friends walked up and we got to meet them. That was good. After the parade, we went out to eat in Anderson, to a couple of shops, and before we knew it Friday was gone.

On Saturday, we went back over to Clemson around 1pm. It was already packed with people. As we waited for Dwayne, Mel, and Lee to arrive (we were tailgating with them), we walked around and happened into Scott and Kim Webber. The Webbers were longtime members of EBC who moved to Anderson several years ago with a job transfer. It was good to see them again. To make a long story shorter, we eventually made it over to Dwayne and Mel and the tailgating was great!! Again, a bunch of Krissy and Jesse’s friends came by and Mel and Diana had plenty of food for them. It was a good afternoon!

We made it into the stadium just in time to see kickoff. To see CJ Spiller run the opening kickoff back for a TD!! Now, if I am to be honest in this recap, here is what I saw in the game: Defense looked tough. Special teams looked really good. The offense was moving the ball, but stalled too much in the red zone. I mean, c’mon, this was Middle Tennessee State. They should’ve been able to punch the ball in EVERY time they were down there, but they didn’t. They’ve got several things to work on before GT on Thursday.

I rode back with the Whites and Diana stayed until late Sunday. Yesterday was an awesome day at church, although I missed A BUNCH of people. Labor Day weekend …

So now I sit here, watching the NCIS marathon on USA and wondering what I will do today. Hope you have a great Labor Day!!!

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