A New Truth about Facebook

28 Sep

AKA – Another reason why Facebook can NEVER replace real human communication!

After being involved in a few Facebook conflicts, and being pulled in to many more, something revolutionary has come to my attention. Something we all need to realize when we are posting statuses or replying to things on our FB newsfeeds … Here it is:

There is NO voice inflection OR facial expression when we write stuff on Facebook. GET IT?? When we write the stuff we do, we might have an intention that is completely UNCOMMUNICATED when others read it!! In other words, something I might mean as a joke might be read by a friend, like Dean Lisenby, and he might interpret it completely differently!! OR, he might read it and laugh but another friend, say Michael Lotts, might read it and think I am being a jerk or that both Dean and I are insane!!! (Sometimes both of those are true)

How did I come up with such brilliance?? Hours of thought?? Days of intellectual reflection?? No … My wife, who really IS brilliant, said it. She said “David, do you realize when you joke with some people they might not realize it?? Or others that don’t know you might take it the wrong way??”

Personally, I believe this to be a MAJOR CAUSE of Facebook conflicts all over the world. So, now you know …

Go and Facebook WISELY!!

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