Ten Years in the Pulpit at EBC

6 Oct

Mary, Lisa and I were talking about events through the years at Ebenezer today. It was over 14 years ago when Ebenezer moved my family here from New Orleans to continue work in youth ministry at EBC. A little over four years later, events thrust me into the pulpit and my life would never be the same!!

Yes, I realized today it was a little over 10 years ago when I began preaching weekly at EBC. At first, it was just until an interim pastor could be found. They asked me to preach for eight weeks. Ten weeks after that, I finally asked someone on the committee, “When are you guys gonna find an interim?” Two weeks later the church voted to ask me to be the interim! A little over a year later, EBC voted to call me as their pastor. And my life (AND THEIR LIVES) have never been the same!!

A couple of weeks before Wallace Fulmer died, he was talking to me from a hospital bed. He looked me in the eyes and told me how much he loved to have me as his pastor. But he also reminded me “You know those first few sermons were pretty rough. But I knew you had it in you.”

Wallace was right!! And there are still probably more rough ones than good ones. And I am thankful for a church like Ebenezer that took a chance on someone like me. Once again, it’s another picture of God’s grace and mercy!!!

I am thankful and honored to have been in this pulpit for ten years. And, Lord willing, we might have many more!!!

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