Are YOU Passionate about your job?

5 Nov

Well, are you?? People can tell …

A lifelong ambition for any person should be to find a vocation that God calls them to. And this shouldn’t scare you: God calls His people into ALL FIELDS. God doesn’t just call ministers and missionaries: He calls dentists, clerks, teachers, plumbers … well, you get the idea. One of the most important things we can do is FIND that calling and fulfill it!

So, are you in a vocation, or just a job?? There is a difference! A job is something we dread, something we attend. At a job we mark time. A vocation is a life’s calling. At a vocation we find purpose and meaning. Where a job is something we just do, a vocation is something in which we can invest our lives. We actually like it, and the passion for it spills out into what we do.

And, those around us can tell the difference. Believe me. So which are you???

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