A Lack of Faith

10 Nov

One of the most difficult tasks of any pastor is leading others to remain strong in their faith. We read the stories of the Children of Israel in the OT and cannot understand how they could have so little faith in God, considering all they had seen, and yet WE ARE JUST LIKE THEM. And it is very frustrating!!!

I love Ebenezer with all my heart. And there are times when I feel caught in the middle. Some people are very factual and black & white with their belief … And times are tough right now. And we all face challenges in every facet of our lives … And it would be so easy to rely on what we think ought to be and proceed in that direction. And the last time I checked, our church is a THEOCRACY: We FOLLOW GOD. I pray that we will let Him worry about the small stuff and just FOLLOW HIM!!

And then, on the other side of the trap, are some who seem to see no future in things. God is a convenience to them, and as long as He is wrapped up in a package they like, an easily-consumable God who is 50% less filling, 70% more cost efficient, and will stay out of 90% of their lives!! The flu season has hit Ebenezer hard this year. I’ve had some tell me they will be back when flu season is over because the CLC said we should avoid public places!! (Does flu season ever end??) I wish I could’ve pulled that one when I was in high school, but good thing I didn’t because I would be even DUMBER than I am today!!!! 🙂

Seriously, when someone is sick, they are sick … They need to stay home if that is the case. But are there some that are merely using this as today’s excuse??

And then, in the middle with me, are some really cool people who see the value of ministry, the value of allowing God to be in control of their lives. And it shows. And I LIVE FOR THESE FOLKS!!! God uses you guys to keep me going, to keep me focused, and I am SOOOOOO thankful for all of you!!!! (And a bunch of those folks read this blog … you know who you are!!) And I want YOU to be encouraged just as you encourage me!! And even if it is just us in the fight, we fight His fight, we build His way, and we strengthen each other with our faith. And I couldn’t make it without you guys … You are a gift from God to me!!

So, which are you in all of this?? And who do you WANT to be?? The great thing about this is YOU CAN CHANGE WHO YOU ARE IN THIS!! HAVE FAITH!!!!!

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