The Glass Half-Full

1 Dec

Yesterday was a Monday … ALL DAY. It seems anything that could’ve gone wrong did. One of THOSE DAYS. After waiting forever at the City of Florence Water Dept., when the lady asked me how I was doing I answered: “Ma’am, if I had a dog, he would’ve already died today.” That kind of day.

But in every bad thing that happened, there was something positive to see. A couple of examples: Yes, my coffee maker died yesterday. Sunday when I got home from church there was coffee all over the counter top. I thought one of my Wikelings just made a mess and asked about it. “NOT ME!” was the answer all around. After further examination, I saw this seven-year-old coffee pot was finally on its last legs. I grabbed a screwdriver and tightened a plate I’d had to tighten before. The screws were a bit loose, so I thought that would take care of it. Of course, it didn’t … In fact it made more of a mess yesterday than before it was tightened. It seems it is finally worn out, and after seven years, it earned it. The upside is I got a new coffee pot yesterday!! Sleek, smaller footprint, and brews a mean-smelling pot of coffee (its still going … haven’t tasted it yet, but it IS a Mr. Coffee. It’ll be fine!)

Diana’s van was broken into yesterday. On Sunday, Krissy had to take my car back to Clemson for about 10 days. Diana and I figure we could do 10 days with one car … no problem!! Yesterday as we began day one, PROBLEM! Someone broke into the car. They got it somehow and tried to steal our stereo. They didn’t get the unit, but they got the face (which renders it useless). They TRIED to get it, but just couldn’t. Makes you feel mad. Makes you feel violated. And the only evidence they found?? A GAMECOCK KEYCHAIN!!!! (Okay, that is NOT true, I just put that in there to get some peeps riled up!! :-)))

What were the positives on that one?? They didn’t break a window. They didn’t steal my toolbox or DeWalt drill in the back of the van. Yes, it was aggravating, but not the end of the world. And I am kind of glad I didn’t hear them, because I would’ve walked out with a pistol … and that wouldn’t ended well, either.

But the glass is still half full. God is still on His throne. And you just gotta look at it that way … its the only way you will make it!!!

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