Thank God It’s Monday!!

7 Dec

Only a minister could even understand THAT. Yesterday I was talking to my friends and the topic was the overuse of TGIF!! I told them TGIM!! I think they understood…

Sunday is the PINNACLE of the Christian week. And the most stressful for the CHURCH STAFF!! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Sundays. But after pouring myself out on Sunday, I feel like a Mack truck hit me head on EVERY MONDAY. That is why many pastors take Mondays off. I’ve found there is more going on Monday than on Friday, hence my choice of the END of the week as the day off. Yes, today will drag. Yes, I will feel like I got two hours of sleep. But TGIM!

Today I will get some administrative work done. Today I really won’t focus too much on Sunday’s sermon. Once I start that process on Tuesday, I work on it every day until Sunday … Today is kind of a MENTAL day-off for me. And some of you thought I was on a permanent mental vacation!!!! (Sometimes I believe that, too!)

So today I will deal with a broken computer. Helping to put the church back together after the Children’s musical last night (WHICH WAS PHENOMINAL!!) Visiting a couple of people in the hospital. And caroling tonight, followed by a Christmas party with Diana.

(By the end of the night I might be uttering TGI TUESDAY!!)

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