The Latest on Dad

9 Jan

Since yesterday’s post, much has happened. I could write that everyday. And it is always a ROLLERCOASTER. Our emotions hit the high and low spots harder than the actual reports from the doctors, but I guess that is natural.

Dad was awake and alert for most of the day yesterday. The cardiologists finally came back and told us there was nothing to worry about with his heart, but they do see something minor that they want to follow up on after he is released from the hospital. The critical care team said they are ready to discharge him from ICU. His neurologist wants one more good night in ICU, and then off to the floor.
So, dare I write this?? He is SUPPOSED to go to a room TODAY. But like my sisters, I’ll believe it when it happens. He had a good day yesterday. He even got Mom to call me on her cell phone from inside ICU because he wanted to talk to me last night! He couldn’t hear most of what I said, but it was good to talk to him!
So I guess this is all good. And I am thankful for so many good friends that have checked on him and my family. And those that prayed! Keep praying!!!
ALSO: Remember the family of Ed Self. His dad, who has fought COPD for a decade or more, is very close to death. Ed and all of his siblings are in Rock Hill right now with his mom and dad. Lift them up!!
Remember the family of Betty Moore-Bell. Her brother, Richard Moore, is in MICU at McLeod and doctors have reached the point where all they can do is keep him comfortable.

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  1. Linda Belcher January 9, 2010 at 3:21 pm #

    Sounds like good news will be keeping up with your posts. Linda B

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