The Truth about what’s going on in Greenville

12 Jan

I wish it were so easy that I could just blog the truth about what is going on with Dad. I wish I knew the truth. I don’t think any of us really do, except those who have been reading the CT scans.

Yes, Dad finally was moved to a room yesterday. And by supper time, Mom was worn out. Even though he can’t walk, Dad keeps trying to get out of bed. He is not thinking clearly and has not been for days. I thought it was the pain killers they’ve given him, but apparently they haven’t given him anything for several days. Yet he continues to “work” in his bed, fixing chillers and air-conditioners and boilers and is ready to GO HOME.
And to make matters worse, the doctor says his last CT scan looks better than any of the others. But there are NO ANSWERS as to why Dad sleeps so much still, or why he is working all the time, or why he is not thinking clearly. At least, no answers they are willing to give. And yesterday one of the doctors said they still haven’t decided whether or not to take the shunt out. The shunt that made all the difference in the world when they put it in four years ago. The neurologist has turned it off for a few days and will make a decision later this week.
And so, I will get some answers. And possibly a second opinion. And if they REALLY mess with us, I will do something they absolutely DON’T WANT … I will turn my little sister loose on them. One way or another, WE WILL find the truth about what’s going on up there.

One Response to “The Truth about what’s going on in Greenville”

  1. Jake Murray January 15, 2010 at 1:35 pm #

    Now that's one thing I would not want to face: two Wike sisters with a motive!Talk about a bad day haha.My mom and I might be headed that way soon. Work is going to let me off so hopefully we can make it up there in the next couple of weeks.

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