Things looking up???

15 Jan

I sit in this hospital room once again. This time, Dad is asleep, which is a miracle because he was WIDE AWAKE until almost 4am. Full of questions. Trying to get me to take him home. And getting angry with the night nurse because he kept coming into the room … And he was a good nurse. I think the fact that he looked to be 18 probably threw Dad for a loop.

We had a pretty good day after the surgery and have more understanding of the WHAT and WHY: Removing the shunt was actually the lesser of two evils. The doctor realizes as we do the pre-shunt conditions will return and he DOES have a plan to deal with them. That is a relief. As for the long term plan, they hope to get him up out of bed today (if they’d been here at 2am, he would’ve danced for them). The plan is for Dad to go for some inpatient rehab after that.
I told Jumana Swindler last night that I hesitate to say we have turned a corner here, because I’ve said that so many times only to have to retract it. So I will end my entry HERE and let you figure out what I am thinking ….

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