Trip to Greenville

31 Jan

When Drew got out of school on Friday, we made a quick trip to the Upstate. REAL QUICK. To check on Dad and to check on Krissy.

Krissy was doing fine. Her roommate moved out last week, but honestly, she is not losing any sleep over it.
Dad is getting better every day. Physically he is improving day by day. Getting stronger, moving towards the goal of going back home (he is in a rehab hospital in Greer right now). Mentally, Dad is still recovering. I think the subdural hematomas caused more damage than we initially realized. He is gaining strength and able to do more and more every day. So for that, we are thankful!
One of my biggest concerns now is Mom. I see the fatigue in her eyes. I’ve talked to her much about taking care of herself, and I think she is listening … to an extent. This has been a rough row to hoe for all of us, but it has really taken a lot out of her. And I pray for her!

One Response to “Trip to Greenville”

  1. Betty Moore-Bell February 1, 2010 at 11:58 am #

    Want a suggestion Pal? call on Mom's home church-those close friends-they are certainly all wishing there was something they could do. A couple of the men could commit to spending a few hours a day/week with Dad so Mom knows someone is with him while she runs errands,does chores, takes a nap, etc. Some of the ladies could INSIST that she join them for lunch; better yet, a movie so there is minimal conversation and much distraction. Suspect the fridge at Mom's needs cleaning out–she's not had much time to spend at home and stuff expires so quickly it seems. I just find myself thinking back to a time when I was in much the same position as your Mom, and folks would ask what they could do and I just could not think due to the exhaustion. Looking back, knowing someone would have been with my former husband for a specific period of time would have been a really big help. They would have had to have been very emphatic about it though or I would have declined. Just thinking/remembering aloud, I guess…love y'all-bmb

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