The Saturday Night Special

7 Feb

A phrase that means many things … The first time I heard it, it was referring to a snub-nosed .32 caliber pistol. One that would easily conceal and get many a man in trouble on a Saturday night. But that is NOT what this title refers to today!!

Many years ago my dad, in his HVAC business, helped a butcher with his cooler. He gave dad a few steaks as a thank you. AND THEY WERE INCREDIBLE!! I mean, we’d had steak before, but I thought I’d NEVER had anything like this!! Soon after this a tradition in the Wike family was born … every Saturday night, Dad would grill out steak!
Over the years, the tradition lived on. No matter where we kids were, we knew two things: If we made it home on Saturday night, we would have steak! If we called on Saturday night, we didn’t even need to ask what was for supper. Mom and Dad have never been demanding or picky, but they love their steak! And it has always been a tradition …
Recent years and Dad’s health have prevented it a few times, but not often. Even the weekend after Christmas we’d planned to have an SNS before my family returned to Florence. And that never happened. But the steak for that weekend was in the freezer!
Sometimes I feel like these quick trips upstate are really wearing me out. But this weekend was indeed special. My nephew, who I haven’t seen in over 2.5 years, came to town. He is going into the Air Force into fighter pilot’s school in April. This might be the last time I see him in a while. And we had a great weekend! We fixed some stuff at the house and did some other work for Mom.
And then we executed the ultimate plan: We cooked steak for supper last night, packed it all up in a way that would keep it warm, and caravanned over to Greer to have the Saturday Night Special with Dad! And it was good, and it was fun! Nine of us had supper together in the rehab center and Dad ate. Mom said more than he’s eaten in days! And he loved it!
And THAT was the most rewarding thing I could’ve done this Saturday. I hated to miss the Wild Game Supper at Ebenezer, but I had an appointment with the Saturday Night Special. And I had to keep it!

One Response to “The Saturday Night Special”

  1. Martha February 7, 2010 at 3:50 pm #

    What a sweet time for you, and especially for your mom and dad. I am so proud to be your mother-in-law. I love you, David and most of all because I see how much you love your parents, my daughter and your children. You are one special guy.

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